About Us


Luciole International Theatre Company is a Houston based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit performing arts company, founded in September 2015, dedicated to promoting international and multicultural exchanges through the arts. We are a visionary arts organization. Our mission is facilitating art exchanges, which offer innovative opportunities to professional artists while bringing cultural enrichment, diversity, inclusion, arts education, social justice and environmental awareness to diverse audiences we proudly serve.

Our overarching goal is inspiring, engaging, educating and challenging our audiences through world arts and aesthetic performances. We believe in the power of the arts and cultural exchanges as a gateway, which propagates a better understanding of the world and ourselves. Making an integral contribution through the forms of theater and performance to the exploration of an increasingly interconnected world and a flourishing cultural community, which promotes humanized international relations, impacting Houston’s pulsating culture and economic vitality is our primary mission.


LIT was founded by Clara Ploux and Nikki Wuertz in September 2015 to build new opportunities for artistic endeavors in Houston that embrace our cosmopolitan communities, both locally and internationally. Through workshops, shows, art and theatre media performances, exhibitions, films, international collaborations, grants to work or study abroad, and all kinds of art presentations LIT is aiming to facilitate multicultural and international art exchanges that offer new opportunities to Houston artists while bringing cultural enrichment and diversity to Houston audiences.


Founding Member

Nikki is a Founding Member of Luciole International Theatre Company in 2016. With over 30 years of theatre experience, she is ready to bring new opportunities to Houston’s growing arts community. She earned a  Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Hendrix College and studied at…

Clara Ploux

Executive Artistic Director

Inspired by her international background and arts experience, Clara contributes to the creation of new bridges between different cultures and spaces. She holds a Master’s degree from Lisbon Theatre and Film School (former National Conservatory) and a French degree in Modern Languages. She also attended…

Melissa Flower

Communications Associate

Melissa Flower is a freelance director, collaborator, performance artist, and dramaturg. She has served as the Literary Assistant at the Alley Theatre in 2012 after a dramaturgy fellowship under Mark Bly.  Melissa sits on the board of Wordsmyth Theatre Company and runs a physical training group…

Hermine Benard

Director of Finance

Hermine Benard is passionate about entertainment, arts, education and business development which led her to explore different paths. She has been actively involved in short film productions with local Houston “in-the-making” filmmakers, as an actress, adviser, and producer. Hermine was also the Marketing Associate of…