December 29, 2020 / By

Credit: The Syndicate website


Luciole International Theatre has partnered with The Syndicate on its final project of 2020 entitled A Day’s Work.  Through this piece, we will award an honorarium amount of US$200 to 10 different artists, from Houston, TX – USA as well as from countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, for an eight-hour workday to pursue any aspect of their area of practice.  Participants will then share what they create or work on The Syndicate’s website.  There are no requirements on what their time should be used for – creating artwork, community organizing, and practicing self/collective care are among the many possibilities.  The project invites us to release from the stress of product-driven creative practice.  One only has to start the project with this question- “What does it look like to do my work, on my terms, for one day?”

This project is a small way of working against systems of creation that devalue not only our artwork but our humanity.  It is a way to support artists’ “work” for a day when so many artists cannot perform or create in the same way because of the 2020 pandemic.  Join us as we celebrate the labor of these incredible artists.  Take a look at what both previous artists have submitted, and our own artists will be submitting throughout 2021.

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