How would you like to be remembered?

February 22, 2016 / By

"How would you like to be remembered?", a multidisciplinary art project and international collaboration.

February 22, 2016 / By

“How would you like to be remembered?” is a multidisciplinary art project and international collaboration presenting the exhibition of 2 sets of 25 monoprints completed with collage, drawing, sewing and written work on paper (22” x 15”), video projection, original music and and art performance / short play.


When you find objects that belonged to anonymous people, simple questions like whom, when and why emerge, in order to understand the object itself. However, the significance that one will give can’t be separated from the personal story of the viewer. In June 2012, Joëlle Verstraeten traveled to Lisbon, to visit Clara Ploux who was mourning the loss of her son. During her stay, Joëlle found a loose packet of letters, telegrams and photographs from the ‘50s, in a flea market. They were moved by ad-monoprint, chinecolle , collage and writing heartfelt testimony within the letters as the story of two young lovers emerged- Eduardo and Odete. Joelle and Clara began a creative journey as coincidences of dates, places, and names aroused their curiosity, emotion, and imagination. Love and death are fundamental in our choices.  Our lives are a mosaic of moments and encounters that all come together to create vibrant images. This experimental project questions how reality and fiction serve as mirrors that transcend time and space. 


Monoprints by Joëlle Verstraeten

Written work, video and performance direction by Clara Ploux

Creative performance and cast: Chloé Petit, Melissa Flower, Melissa Noble and Camron Alexander

Original music by Laura Macedo, Marcelo Silva

Art box by Armando Rodrigues

Translation and revision by Martine Jéhan, Laure Vermeulen

The BLUEorange Gallery
1208 West Gray Street
Houston, TX 77019

Opening March 31- April 12

Gallery open 12-7 pm daily
With art performances Wednesday-Saturday 730 pm
One Pay-What-You-Can on Monday, April 11th

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